When Paula P'Cay was 18, she went to Berlin, where she met many Dj's, producers, clubowners, musicians and singers during the time of the uprising House & Techno time. Her musical carreer startet.

Since then she recorded over 200 ( some covers but mostly lyrics by Paula P'Cay) songs with many international producers ( mainly house- music productions), she made over 400 international live- performances, she is travelling a lot around the world and her biggest Fan Community is in Russia, Germany and Poland, where she performes minimum 10 times a year.

Her Diva -like appearance on stage, and her strong, sound -and soulful voice fits fabulously with Dance,House,Electronic and Soul beats . Music is her life, and she transports the strong feeling of love and Happiness to the people,and let the audience , forget about their sorrows and problems for the period of her live- show.

She's been singing in the best House -music Clubs around the world like ,Pacha,Ministry of Sound, Electric Kingdom, Soho Rooms..... the story continue w/ MARC TASIO and 'FREE' celebrate the new ibiza season 2016 and the 50th Dragsonor!

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